Shimin thinks the idea

Evaluation Criteria:

Who are the target customers?

Recent Coding Bootcamp Graduates

What is their problem?

Job searching is frustrating and requires skills they may not have

What is your solution?

A consulting service to work with recent bootcamp grads

How quickly can you build a MVP?

A month, start with blog posts

Who are the existing competitors?

General Career Coaches, Bootcamp career services

How will your first 100 customers find your solution?

App Academy Grads, Can B2B sale other bootcamp grads

How will customers pay for the soution?

Hourly if they get a job they like

How do you deal with copies of your solution?

Personal touch, blog presence

Am I the right person to build this?

Yes, I went through a similar process when I graduated from bootcamp a while ago

Lastly, give your idea a name!


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