Shimin thinks the idea

Evaluation Criteria:

Who are the target customers?

Authors and Info Product Creators

What is their problem?

They want to convert a pdf/epub based info product into a subscription site / web product

What is your solution?

Epub to html (and vice versa) converter, with various themes

How quickly can a MVP be built?

Not certain, but epub is already based in xml so probably a month give or take

Who are the existing competitors?

Convertio.co, online converter, but they do a very basic job with no flare.

How will your first 100 customers find your solution?

SEO, Gumroad, info product forumns

How will customers pay for the solution?

Per-use, probably with hands on charges (high touch)

How do you deal with copies of your solution?

Not sure

Am I the right person to build this business?


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