Shimin thinks the idea

Evaluation Criteria:

Who are the target customers?

Creatives who are building online courses

What is their problem?

It's good to build courses off of a platform, but it can be hard to use the subscription model and lose some of that control

What is your solution?

Open Sourced Learning Management Software

How quickly can a MVP be built?

A few weeks to a month using off the shelf 3rd party tools

Who are the existing competitors?

Udemy, Thinkific, Courseful, Kajabi, Podia

How will your first 100 customers find your solution?

Not sure, may have to use the same marketing channels as competitors

How will customers pay for the solution?

Free, with a hosted version (like Ghost) or through consulting

How do you deal with copies of your solution?

Develop a brand

Am I the right person to build this business?


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