Shimin thinks the idea

Evaluation Criteria:

Who are the target customers?

Small Residential Real Estate Landlords

What is their problem?

It is difficult to find a one off handy man that's reliable for a small piece of work

What is your solution?

A Residential Landlord only contractor review app

How quickly can you build a MVP?

A week, with some additional Setup for Maybe Plumbing / Electritcian Setup

Who are the existing competitors?

Home Advisor, Angie's List, Google Review

How will your first 100 customers find your solution?

B2B cold calling Plumbing / Electricians getting their customers to leave review for them

How will customers pay for the soution?

Landlords will get it for free as long as they leave reviews. Regular users will pay for the review access

How do you deal with copies of your solution?

Network Effect

Am I the right person to build this?

Maybe, Denver is the right place for it

Lastly, give your idea a name!


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