Shimin thinks the idea

Evaluation Criteria:

Who are the target customers?

Freelancers looking for gig on various freelancer platforms

What is their problem?

It's time consuming and annoying to update the latest portfolio on each platform

What is your solution?

A centralized location to store all portfolios, and export to each platform automatically

How quickly can you build a MVP?

A month maybe, can start building something piece by piece as I use them

Who are the existing competitors?

Manual copy / paste of portfolios

How will your first 100 customers find your solution?

Freelancer forums, user of the various platform subreddits

How will customers pay for the soution?

Per update to their portfolio

How do you deal with copies of your solution?

Not sure

Am I the right person to build this?

Yes, eating my own dog food

Lastly, give your idea a name!


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